Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Law for the Local Landlord

Landlord-tenant law and evictions are most often associated with cities, and this makes sense because a majority of the city population comprises of renters. Since it is so commonplace to rent in a city, such as Boston, landlords and property management companies are well versed in leasing, maintenance, and evictions. If you walk into the Eastern Housing Court on a Thursday in Boston you are bound to see over 200 eviction cases just on that one day.

When you start looking at landlord-tenant relationships outside of the city and the associated legal issues that surround them, different issues start to surface. Typically it’s a smaller renter population and also a smaller landlord population but often times with much larger legal issues.

Probably the biggest issue for small town landlords is failing to use the correct procedures and documentation at the start of the tenancy which can lead to lost rent, legal costs and evictions.

Landlords typically do not use the correct lease, or even worse, they don’t use a lease at all. Its highly important that the landlord and tenant understand the terms of their agreement to avoid any unnecessary disputes down the road.

If a dispute arises and you have to evict your tenant it can take months before there is a court ordered eviction. During those months, tenants will often stop paying rent and this can cause serious financial problems for a landlord.

Taking the proper steps and getting the correct information before leasing your residential property can save both money and stress in the long run and avoid unnecessary litigation. Most of the issues and concerns prior to leasing a residential property can be addressed quickly and easily and will provide for long term success in renting your property.

Knowing your rights and the proper way to protect your property interest will see you through these issues. Please contact Dillon & Sullivan, Attorneys at Law should you have any questions about landlord-tenant law in Massachusetts.